Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Held in conjunction with Ubicomp2012 in Pittsburgh, USA - September 8th 2012

Aims and Scope

Ubiquitous computing, context awareness and artificial intelligence techniques can transform human habitats into smart environments able to provide assistance, contextual help and remediation by the environment. To assist these users in their daily living activities, dynamic and intelligent mechanisms are required to deploy assistive services on the different devices present in the smart environments, such as smart phones, tablets, desktop computers, laptops, embedded computers, etc. Service provision/delivery systems must take in account a whole set of context parameters and be able to deliver dynamically and autonomously software components in a large set of devices. Moreover, users are often the center of attention in such systems. Thus, such delivery processes must take in consideration users' interaction capabilities and preferences. 
Therefore, this workshop focuses on the presentations and discussions of novel approaches in providing services and software in smart environment settings, such as smart homes, smart cities and open smart spaces.


  • Applications
    • Systems, Frameworks or Middleware to support the deployment of services or components in smart environment;
    • Assistance systems or software for smart environment.
  • Devices and Hardware
    • Devices and hardware to support service provision in smart environments.
  • Theories and models
    • Context awareness models to support the service delivery;
    • Artificial Intelligence algorithms and methods to support adaptable and/or context aware service delivery;
    • Service composition and adaptation models.
  • Experiences
    • Deployment stories and field studies on service delivery system for smart environment.